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    We are a 5-star rating with Step Up to Quality, Ohio’s rating system.

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    We have recently celebrated 40 years of providing hope for children through quality early learning initiatives,
    nurturing daycare services and healthy nutrition programs.

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    Please call us at (216) 631-3211 for more information and to enroll.

About Us

Cleveland Child Care has had the honor of serving children and families in Northeast Ohio for over forty years. Since 1973, our mission is to help children be all they were created to be. We deeply care about the needs of the children and families we serve. Our desire is to continue to provide a safe, friendly and team-oriented learning environment. We know that the parents that utilize our services want to be sure that their children have the best early learning opportunities that are available and we are committed to making that a reality. We provide caring, professional, and dedicated caregivers in each classroom, high quality and nutritious food options, and opportunities for our team members, families and the community to benefit from our services.

Program Info

Cleveland Child Care and Early Learning Center exists to help develop the children socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually so that he/she will be better equipped for future education and life adjustments. C.C.C. serves children ranging from ages six weeks old to early teenagers. We have quality Pre-K and School age programs and nurturing daycare programming for infants and toddlers. We are a Five-Star rated Step Up To Quality program, Ohio's rating system for learning and development programs. C.C.C. launched our Farm-To-Table program in 2014, which allows the children to experience planting, maintaining, harvesting and eating their own vegetables, fruits and herbs. We are certified as an Ohio Healthy Program. We provide a Summer Camp each year that creates a fun learning environment for children. Daily Schedule: 6:30 AM-6:00PM


Leadership Team

We continue to be committed to putting the needs of the children and families we serve first by making sure our team members are caring, compassionate and experienced professionals. We want the families we serve to know that we treat their children like they were our own. Here is a little more information on our leadership team.

  • Ragelle Gigante

    Executive Director

    Ragelle started in the Child Care field as a young toddler enrolled at Cleveland Child Care. We consider her as one of our “Home – Grown” products as she is now employed with us. In 2005, she was hired as Executive Assistant dealing with bookkeeping, bill paying, payroll, budgeting, and all other aspects of accounting and financial concerns. In 2011 she was promoted to Executive Director and now deals with the day to day operations of our center. She is a mother of a daughter who also attended C.C.C. The heart of Ragelle believes that Cleveland Child Care and Early Learning Center truly provides HOPE for children and their families.

  • Patricia Jelinek

    Site Administrator

    Patricia has worked in the Early Childhood field since 1988. Her employment with C.C.C. Started in 2001 as Administrator of the West 58th Street site. She has an Associates degree in Early Childhood Education from Cuyahoga Community College and a Pre-Kindergarten Associate Certificate from the State of Ohio Department of Eduction. She is a mother to 4 children and loves working with children and families. Patricia’s goal of providing quality care, education, and a nurtured experience for both children and their families is very evident at C.C.C. on West 58th Street.

  • Rhonda Sharpley

    Health Coach + Nutritional Consultant

    Beginning in early 2012, Rhonda came to CCC as the cook/kitchen manager with the intent of taking the quality and nutritional value of the foods and beverages served to our children beyond the required standards. Our menu includes only high quality foods, including nutrient dense fruits and vegetables from our own garden and some local farms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cleveland Child Care has been serving children with quality early learning and daycare services for over 40 years. Please see our responses below to frequently asked questions and contact us for any further information.

  • What % of families qualify for the Voucher program?

    98%. We serve families that unfortunately are struggling with the pressures of systemic poverty. It is a strong desire to see the children and families we serve breakout of poverty into abundance…

  • How old is the facility that CCC operates in?

    The building was initially built in the early 20th century and was formally a Cleveland elementary school. The campus is now called Cleveland Care Center and is the home of Cleveland Child Care and other non-profits.

  • Is CCC part of the Step Up to Quality program?

    CCC has received a Five-Star Step Up To Quality Award from the state of Ohio. Step Up To Quality is Ohio’s rating system for learning and development programs…

  • What kind of food do the children eat?

    Cleveland Child Care is delighted to have a health coach on our team who manages the kitchen. The children get access to healthy and organic foods…

  • Why such an emphasis on literacy at such an early age?

    Did you know that the state of Ohio looks at 3rd grade literacy rates to determine the size of its prison system? That is one of the reasons Cleveland Child Care puts a strong emphasis on quality reading initiatives…

  • Are there any summer programs at CCC?

    Glad you asked. Cleveland Child Care offers a summer camp for School-Age children. Children will engage in activities such as fun arts and crafts as well as educational field trips.


How to Enroll

Please see our weekly rates below. If you are interested in enrollment for your child or children please follow the link below to fill out our online form.

  • Infant

    per week, full-time
    • 6 weeks – 18 months
    • $255 per week, full-time
    • $204 per week, part-time
    • Registration fee = $40
    • You may be eligible for financial assistance through Cuyahoga County
  • Toddler

    per week, full-time
    • 19 months – 2 years
    • $225 per week, full-time
    • $180 per week, part-time
    • Registration fee = $40
    • You may be eligible for financial assistance through Cuyahoga County
  • Preschool

    per week, full-time
    • 3 – 5 years
    • $195 per week, full-time
    • $156 per week, part-time
    • Registration fee = $40
    • You may be eligible for financial assistance through Cuyahoga County
  • School-Ager

    per week, full-time
    • 6  – 12 years
    • $175 per week, full-time
    • $140 per week, part-time
    • Registration fee = $40
    • You may be eligible for financial assistance through Cuyahoga County

Contact Us

Please contact us with any questions, to schedule a visit or to enroll. We look forward to hearing from you.

3274 West 58th Street Cleveland, Ohio


(216) 631-3211