Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long has Cleveland Child Care been in existence?

Cleveland Child Care has been serving children with quality early
learning and daycare services for close to 50 years.

2. What percentage of Cleveland Child Care families qualify for the
Cuyahoga County Voucher program?

98%. We serve families that unfortunately are struggling with the
pressures of systemic poverty. It is a strong desire to see the
children and families we serve breakout of poverty into abundance. We
are committed to providing quality early learning activities and
healthy food for all of our children. With our desire to partner with
other non-profits who are serving at risk children, hopefully more
children will receive the resources they need to live the best life

3. How old is the facility that Cleveland Child Care operates in?

The building was initially built in 1898 and was
formally a Cleveland elementary school. The campus is now called
Cleveland Care Center and is the home of Cleveland Child Care and
other non-profits.

4. Is CCC part of the Step Up to Quality program?

CCC plans on applying for Step Up To Quality soon. One of Cleveland
Child Care’s primary goals is to be a strong partner
of the Cleveland Metropolitan School District’s PRE4CLE Plan that
looks to significantly increase the number of children attending high
quality Preschools/Early Learning Centers in Cleveland by 2016.

5. What kind of food do the children eat for breakfast, lunch and snacks?

Cleveland Child Care is delighted to have a health coach on our team
who manages the kitchen. The children get access to healthy and
organic foods. CCC is scheduled to have a Farm to Childcare/community
garden program on campus launching soon. The children will be able to
plant, garden and eat vegetables from the campus.

6. Why such an emphasis on literacy at such an early age?

Did you know that the state of Ohio looks at 3rd grade literacy rates
to determine the size of its prison system? That is one of the reasons
Cleveland Child Care puts a strong emphasis on quality reading
initiatives. Building a strong educational foundation is incredibly
important and we want our children to be able to graduate high school
and pursue their dreams.

7. Are there any summer programs at CCC?

Glad you asked! We recently added school age programs to our service
offering and will be launching our Cleveland Child Care Camp this
summer. Children will engage in fun arts and crafts activities, build
enduring friendships, work the garden, engage in science projects and
there may even be field trips.

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